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Making Waves is highly regarded within the global oil and gas industry, combining industry knowledge and understanding with skill, creativity and personality, to support a range of specialised Marketing requirements.

Corporate Storytelling: Your company has a story - we will help you tell it!

Websites | Marketing Materials | Press Releases | Social Media | Fully Outsourced Marketing Department or Individual Services

Licensing Rounds: Contributing to National Wealth through the promotion of your country's natural resources

Project Management | Promotion and Marketing | Roadshow Events | Unique GDPR verified Database of Exploration Professionals | Sensitive and Professional Service

Event Management: Tailored events for any occasion

Round Tables | Company Receptions | Technical Seminars | Large Conference and Exhibitions | Client Presence at Events | All Logistics, Bookings, Promotion and Hospitality

We work with some AMAZING clients, including:

“Tracey has a knack with people, putting them immediately at their ease and making them feel welcome, whether as a business partner or colleague. Tracey has a big personality and this helps hugely in her work. At recent conferences Tracey was easily the most visible person there, whether working for RPS or volunteering for Energistics or PETEX. Her boundless energy and enthusiasm for the task makes her a real asset for whoever she works”

Andrew Vinall

Technical Director

“Tracey has been instrumental in our efforts to bring the Energistics open standards adoption message to Western Europe, North America and South Asia. She has that unique ability to instantly build trust with new industry friends and has developed a global community of colleagues. As a volunteer, Tracey represents Energistics at global industry conferences and, as a very talented writer, has chronicled many of our events for industry publications. Her excellent marketing and meeting planning skills were put to good use in our successful NDR meetings. Her sunny enthusiasm for promoting the oil and gas industry cannot be denied”

Jerry Hubbard


“SNH hereby thankfully acknowledges the contribution and professionalism of Dancy Dynamics (Now Making Waves) in the recent organisation of the Cameroon E&P Data Showrooms in Houston and London.  We recognise the skills and support your company applied in planning, organizing and coordinating the events and hereby express our immense gratitude”

Adolphe Moudiki

Executive General Manager

“Tracey has developed strong working relationships with a great many oil and gas professionals and is not only well known but highly respected and regarded for her work. I would have no hesitation in recommending Tracey both as a worker and as an individual”

Deirdre O'Donnell

Managing Director

“I have worked with Tracey on the new Paras Website where she was the driving force behind the initiative, as well as other industry-wide initiatives. With a good eye for detail and not letting ‘second best’ slip through the net she would add value to any team”

Neville Hall

Llahven Data Management

“Tracey had a fundamental influence in re-positioning Paras as a premium consulting company. She led the rebranding effort that considerably enhanced our overall effectiveness.”

Hamish Wilson

CEO, Minus 7 Ltd

“Tracey is a truly effective marketer who helped position Paras Limited as a leader in E&P management consultancy. She has a very good understanding of the industry and is exceptional at making effective contacts. She is also very good at taking technical writing and converting it into something which non technical people can understand.”

Alan Smith

Director, Luchelan Ltd

“Tracey and her team have a phenomenal reputation across the oil and gas industry in successfully working with companies to deliver effective and global marketing solutions. We are very pleased to be working with them as they continue to help The Oil Council connect into companies around the world and more importantly so, at the right levels. I would recommend Dancy Dynamics (Now Making Waves) to anyone in the industry looking to create and reinforce such important connections.”

Ross Stewart Campbell

CEO, The Oil Council