What is Corporate Storytelling?

Corporate storytelling is about promoting your brand to your audience in using narrative techniques.  It is a communication strategy that lures customers to your brand by presenting its values in an imaginative and informative way.

Corporate storytelling allows you to communicate in an easy, natural manner, enabling people to connect with you, emotionally and commercially.

All brands and businesses have a story – does yours engage with your target audience? 

Making Waves has a global network across the industry, a GDPR verified contact list and great relationships with press and industry professionals.  We can help you tell your story.

We offer a fully outsourced marketing service, or individual projects: 

  • Press releases – GDPR verified list of more than 280 industry journalists
  • Proofreading, editing, publishing and other writing services
  • Social Media packages
  • Website content, building and SEO
  • Events and exhibition presence
  • And much more….

Tell your story, and tell it well!