Our Ethos
The "Go-To" Marketing Company in Oil and Gas
We aim to be the “go-to” marketing company for oil and gas, whilst looking towards the future with the Energy Transition.  We operate from a local base on the Isle of Wight, and where we can we use local business expertise. Our aim is to build a local, flexible working environment with a wide-reaching clientele, developing organically to attract new clients across the industry.

Flexible Working Environment
We have built a team by looking for people with real potential, rather than experience, and have a very flexible working model to allow for working parents and other priorities. We are proactive in spending time together outside the office, and recruitment is done by the whole team, ensuring that the team dynamic continues to work.

Continuing Personal Development
We place a strong emphasis on shared values, attitudes and on making work fun. We work hard to pinpoint and acknowledge each other’s strengths, building personal relationships to develop potential skills and exploit known ones. We feel strongly about continuing personal development, and increasing self-esteem through encouragement and training.

We have a flexible structure, for the most part working as a team under whoever is best able to lead a particular project. We deal with our clients by appointing key account managers, and work across teams to provide the best possible support for the client.